The Graphic Design School recognises that staff, contractors and students may occasionally have a grievance concerning the operations, the courses, administration or other matters.

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Complaints and appeals will be recorded in our complaints register and documents stored for future reference, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively. Complaints and appeals must be submitted in writing to The Graphic Design School at these will be addressed within 5 working days of receipt.

Results of the complaint and appeal will be reviewed and will be registered in the Complaints & Appeals Register.

If the complainant is still not satisfied with the resolution after following and exhausting the complaints procedure, students may wish to take the matter to the National Training Complaints Hotline this is accessible on 13 38 73 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm nationally) or via email at

Where the RTO considers more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, it will informs the complainant or appellant in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required and regularly update the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter.

Making Complaints & Appeals

The Graphic Design School is committed to providing a fair, inexpensive complaints and appeals process.

What Is A Complaint?

A complaint is negative feedback about services, staff or other students which has not been resolved locally. A complaint may be received by The Graphic Design School in any form and does not need to be formally documented by the complainant in order to be acted on. Complaints may be made by any person but are generally made by students and/or employers.

What Is An Assessment Appeal?

An assessment appeal is an application by a student for reconsideration of an unfavourable decision or finding in assessment. An appeal must be made in writing and specify the particulars of the decision or finding in dispute. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days of the assessment decision or finding being returned to the student.

Early Resolution of Complaints and Appeals

In all cases, issues that arise during training and assessment that are the source of frustration or are in dispute should be resolved at the time they occur between the persons involved.

Complaint Handling

We take complaints very seriously. Should you find that you feel the need to make a compliant for any reason, please feel free to talk to us openly about your concerns. We pride ourselves on being of the approachable variety.
How to lodge a complaint:

  • If you have a complaint you may email or telephone the school at or 0299183285. You may request an official complaints form to be filled in and emailed back to us.
  • Your tutor will be contacted (if applicable to the case) and the complaint made known to them.
  • The school will investigate the complaint and make every effort to find a resolution to the complaint.

Assessment Appeals Handling

If you believe that you have been given an unfair assessment decision you can appeal the decision. All appeals must be lodged within 28 days of assessment decision.
How to lodge an appeal:

  • If you have an appeal you may email or telephone the school at or 0299183285. An appeal process will be initiated.
  • We will handle your appeal within 5 working days of your request.
  • If necessary an alternate Tutor or second Assessor may be appointed to review the students work and results.
  • If the appeal against results is deemed fair the student will have a second opportunity to be reassessed.
  • If the assessment decision was deemed fair, the student will have a second opportunity to re-do, re-submit and be reassessed.
  • Should resolution be a challenge a virtual meeting can be arranged.
  • An email to the CEO may be sent if the student is still unsatisfied with the results, the CEO will respond within 5 working days.
Acknowledgement of Country
The Graphic Design School acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their continued spiritual connection to land.
We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.
Always was, always will be.
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