TGDS Graduate Angel

Get to know The Graphic Design School graduate Angel. She’s an amazing graphic designer working on the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains.

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Hey Angel! Tell us a bit about you.

I’m a graphic designer from the US, a wife, a mom of 3 amazing kiddos, and a lover of nature, Indian food, and books. My studio is in the foothills of the Great Smokeys, where I’m surrounded by nature every day.

Java Love - Packaging Design

Java Love - Packaging Design

What or who inspired you to be a designer?

I have always wanted to be a designer. From a young age, I saw color everywhere, so I guess the world I saw instilled in me a love of art.

As a kid, I played with Letrasets and carbon paper. In high school, I tried my hand at calligraphy. Then as design went digital, I explored CorelDraw and Adobe Pagemaker. So later, I wanted to find a profession I was passionate about, graphic design became the obvious choice.

ZON Realty - Corporate Identity Design

What are you up to in the design world at the moment?

I currently run my design studio at, specializing in branding and graphic design for luxury real estate, home services, and tech companies.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

I love the challenge of working through the design process to craft a completely unique design. With every piece I create, I strive for it to be different from anything else out there. I enjoy pulling elements apart and putting them together in different and exciting ways.

Get Outdoors - Campaign Design

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging.
Have you a fav?

Branding is definitely my favourite. But illustration, editorial, and packaging design would all be close seconds.

Dragonfly - Brand Identity, Digital Assets & Social Media

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

I liked how the type played with the energy of the scene and enhanced each feature.

I also liked the Hero’s Journey layout project, where the traditional story archetype meets tech. I found the graphics to match my vision for this piece, and I felt it came together beautifully.

With Java Love, I enjoyed working out the color combinations to make something beautiful. I also embedded my website address in the QR code in the Java Love packaging, so anyone who found it could also find my site.

Our World - Branding Design

What did you love most about studying design?

I loved the feeling of exhilaration when I brought to life what was, up until then, locked in my creative brain. I knew I loved design and the creative industry, but the Graphic Design School gave me a framework and a logical process for bringing those designs to life in a cohesive way.

The Hero’s Journey - Publication Design

What’s your dream design job?
Don’t hold back!

I would love to work as a consultant/art director for luxury real estate and interior design companies. I want to take the classic elements of design, to create pieces that are novel and exciting.

What would you say to someone about to embark on his or her own journey in design?

You can do this! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be amazing. Stop overthinking it, and just get started.

Angel’s Identity - Personal Identity Design

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