TGDS Graduate Pamela

Introducing Pamela! A daydreamer who’s had a passion for all things creative since a young age. Pamela spends her time developing her own personal brand, Pamela June Studio, while sipping coffee and giving cuddles to her puppy.

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Hey Pamela! Tell us a bit about you.

Hello! I’m a daydreamer, coffee lover and doggy mum based in Melbourne, Australia. You will usually find me at my desk sipping coffee and working on my gazillion projects while building my personal brand.

Pamela Cook - Personal Identity Design

What or who inspired you to be a designer?

I’ve always been creative since childhood and knew I wanted to become either an artist or a photographer when I grew up and graphic design has always been something I’ve had an interest in.

What are you up to in the design world at the moment?

I am working on adding a range of graphic design services to my personal brand Pamela June Studio.

What is your favourite part of the design process?

The research process, I love seeing what is out there currently and is a great way to get inspired to spark those creative ideas.

Lingering Gardens Luxury Candles - Package Design

You were really into all sorts of design disciplines at TGDS, branding, campaigning and even packaging.
Have you a fav?

Oh goodness, I liked a lot of the disciplines, but if I had to choose definitely brand identity and logo design.

What did you love most about studying design?

All of it! I learned a lot of things I would not have been able to learn on my own, especially when it came to learning software systems such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. However, brainstorming and doing sketches gave me the discipline to start there first before heading to the computer.

Tell us anything you would like to about your featured works.

I really love the outcome of my ‘Nu Bunni’ animal logo. It’s playful and elegant at the same time. It wouldn’t be until I started designing my ‘Lingering Gardens’ packaging where I added some bright and bold colours that would also be reflected in my ‘Bee The Cure’ campaign to give my designs a nice contemporary feel.

Bee the Cure - Campaign Design

Whats your dream design job?
Don’t hold back!

I would love to become a freelance graphic designer working with passionate start-up small businesses by helping craft a brand identity that is unique, reflects their values and creates a connection with their targeted audience. I want to be able to create timeless designs by weaving the past into the present giving a nostalgic and romantic feel.

Nu Bunni - Corporate Identity Design

“Always stay curious. Learn something new everyday and don’t be afraid to start doing something you never thought you could!”

The Soul of Surfing - Layout Design

What would you say to someone about to embark on their own journey in design?

Stop hesitating and get right in on it. Once you get stuck into the hands on assignments and receive valuable feedback from the tutors you will gain the confidence and knowledge you need when it comes to graphic design.

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