If your job role or business relies on you to be a little bit of a designer yet you have no intention of becoming a fully fledged designer. Or, you are an employer that does not have a design budget and you may have an employee you would like to train up, Design@Work is for you.

Course Costs & Payment Plans

The Course Ethos

Level Up Your Skill Set

Design@Work is the design course for non-designers.
A course focusing on enabling you to accomplish design tasks without years of design training. We supply you with a selection of beautiful work related design templates, teach you a simple set of working design skills and instruct you how to use Adobe InDesign so that you may apply designs to our templates.

Designed to Work Around You

Entirely online and self paced you can fit it in at work, around work, when you want.

You will have access to the course for 12 months. You may use the design templates at your leisure or when your work requires that special design job. The course can be completed in a much shorter period, however, if you prefer to go at a leisurely pace, you can dip into the resources and learn what you need, when you want.

Learn The Right Tools

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint were not made to be design tools. Introducing InDesign. InDesign is what we call a ‘multi page layout program’. This means that you can create a design that has one or more pages. InDesign is great for type and can also accept what we call vector and pixel based graphics. Fancy words for graphics and images.

InDesign is very intuitive and can be used from a beginner to a professional level. Using InDesign on a regular basis will expand your skills and in the future, create your own designs. That’s tons of scope and lot’s of creative possibilities. We like that!

Students in Australia, NZ, Europe and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) are eligible to receive the student discount for the Adobe Creative Cloud required to complete this course.

We will let you know how to go about this upon enrolment.

Customisable Templates

Choose from a set of Services or Goods related templates; Business Cards, Flyers, Newsletters, Brochures, Letterheads and even a personal Mood Board for the presentation of your ideas. We regularly add to templates, so let us know if there is something you need.

Course Outline

As you use your templates for work we will also be teaching you lots of other cool design stuff too, so here is the course broken down.

Module 1 - Welcome to Design@Work



The first module of this course lays the foundations that will be built upon in Module 2. Students will learn to start using Adobe Illustrator™, and as they progress through the module content they will be nurtured through Software Learning Video Tutorials in InDesign™.


The Creative Cloud Suite: Students will learn which programs are good for a variety of uses in desktop publishing and why MS Word is no good for designing.

Adobe InDesign™: InDesign is Adobe’s publishing and typesetting platform, students will be taught an overview of what it can do for their work.

Design Brief: Students will come to understand what it means to create a design brief, and what one entails.


  • An overview of the different types of design documents, colours, typography through your field research.
  • Source content from past and present and liaise comfortably with a designer.
  • Understand the importance of colour to a company’s design system.
  • Understand different styles and uses of Typefaces; Serif and Sans Serifs, and when to use them.
  • Use a Design Brief to lay the foundations for a company’s Style Guide.

Module 2 - Working with Design@Work Templates



Building upon the foundations laid in Module 1, in this module students will work with pre-existing design templates, create quick and cool design projects. Additionally students will work with Adobe InDesign to create fully scoped projects for their work.


Design Templates: Students will become familiar with using design templates in order to turn over beautiful designs quickly and cleanly.

Company Logos: Using their company’s logo, students will learn to work with the different ways a logo can be incorporated into a design system.


  • Students will have a familiarity with setting up a document in InDesign from scratch
  • Nurture an understanding of Adobe InDesign tools and menus
  • Understand how to use Templates for quick design deployment
  • Use Adobe InDesign and other services for email marketing

Accreditation Optional

Although the Design@Work course is intended for those wishing to up-skill, we do have a completely optional choice for students to submit a set of 3 designs, their briefs and a few other pieces of evidence as assessments. Successful completion will achieve a Certificate of Completion accompanied by a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment.

Units Of Competency

Successful completion of the assessments will achieve a Certificate of Completion accompanied by a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment.

Units of Competency



Produce pages using a page layout application


Realise a creative project


Prepare files for print


Write complex documents


Create Visual Design Components

Unbelievably Kind

I had the best experience studying with TGDS. The content and whole learning system was amazing, I have advanced such a long way in my skills and knowledge of Graphic Design since undertaking this course.

Thank you TGDS!!

Everything was well laid out and the support from the staff and teachers was fantastic. I thought long and hard before enrolling on which school would be best for me but I'm very glad I chose The Graphic Design School.

Highly Recommended

I couldn't recommend a course more highly!! The staff were absolutely incredible and always helped when you needed. The content was very interesting and covered a broad range of design projects.

Some of the Reasons Our Students Have Cited

Further Study

Some students have no immediate plans to undertake further study, yet think it wise for them to keep their options open. Courses teaching specialisations within the design sector may require a qualification in design as a pre-requisite of entry.

Professional Development

A qualification is required by their employer. As we are Austudy approved, students wishing to obtain Austudy, may only do so if enrolled in the qualification. We are happy to have a chat to you about the differences in the courses in more detail too.

Ready to get Started?

You can enrol any day of the year. As we are online and training is self paced, there is no pressure. Enrol when you are ready to start, from anywhere in the world.
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Course Costs & Payment Plans
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