Week 33: Get Started with a Basic Animation in After Effects

Create a short animation in which you animate text. Of course you can make up your own plan for the text.



Animate one piece of text. Animate the text with one or a few basic transform options such as opacity, scale or position.



Create an animation that consists out of several steps; like different bits of text with different sorts of animation.



Explore AE, take it a step further and see what else you can do... Surprise us! You can for example add a photo as a background, add other effects, or add some shapes and animate them.

Time Allocated


Allow 60 minutes for a beginner designer, 90 minutes for intermediate and 150 minutes for the advanced challenges.

Design Goals


Animate a short text message in After Effects.



Use After Effects. Keep the animation short (max: 10 seconds) and animate text.



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    Adobe After Effects



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Who is this for?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level designer. There is a brief to suit you. Follow the instructions in the brief to the letter.

How do I submit my work?

Once you're done upload your image to share. We may upload your image to our new Instagram page, be sure to include your Insta handle (@username) so we can credit you. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can just type in your name. Leave your details blank if you like.

What is a good size for the images?

Please make sure your image is of good resolution, it shouldn’t exceed more than 5mb or thereabouts. png, jpeg, svg all acceptable formats. By uploading your image you're giving us permission to publish it.

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If you would like to receive an email from us each week with the brief and video, be sure to subscribe at the top right of this page. We won’t share your information or be spammy.

What if I want to go further?

If you love what we do, and think you would like to try your hand at becoming a designer. Check out our courses here.

Can I contribute?

If you would like to become a regular video contributor, let us know. Even though we offer them for free, we pay contributors. Or if there is a technique that you would really like to learn, email us a visual, and any ideas you may have.

Can I contact The Graphic Design School

Anything else you need or want to ask contact us at: info@thegraphicdesignschool.com

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If you want to spread the good word to your design friends feel free to share this page on social media ;)

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